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Curranseal provides the professional interface between the concrete and floor covering industries. Our Product PMC3300 is a highly enriched eco-conscious penetrating formulation that has been designed to permanently resolve problems caused by concrete moisture vapor emission and alkalinity, preventing the damaging of floor coverings and adhesives.

PMC3300 is a highly enriched eco-conscious penetrating formulation designed to create an effective permanent concrete moisture barrier inside the top portion of the concrete, preventing excessive moisture vapor emission and alkalinity contaminates from damaging floor coverings and adhesives. PMC3300 concrete surface treatment   applied by sprayer to the surface of freshly finished concrete in lieu of any / all other curing compounds, methods or chemical treatments for concrete slabs on grade, below grade or above grade receiving resilient flooring such as vinyl composition tile, sheet vinyl, carpet, sports flooring, rubber, wood flooring, epoxy coatings and overlays. Concrete treated with PMC3300 provides excellent interface bond ability, compatible for all proposed floor covering and adhesives to bond directly to the treated concrete. 

Warranty - 15 Years Labor & Material
Curranseal utilizes environmentally responsible operations to create PMC3300. We have designed PMC3300 to be a cost-efficient solution, providing a permanent resolve with a proactive timely treatment in one simple application.

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An Eco-Conscious Concrete Moisture Vapor Emission & Alkalinity Control Sealer with a Full System 15 YEAR WARRANTY

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