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About Us

For over 20 years prior to starting "Curranseal" Mark A. Curran was President, and Founding General Managing Partner of another national corporation that successfully produced concrete moisture vapor emission control sealer systems. Mark A. Curran has served the professional building community with effective, proactive, and permanent resolve in the areas of concrete and preparation for successful floor covering installations.  

Mark has taken his 25+ years of meaningful industry service, knowledge, experience, and reputation in the building community and established Curranseal, with our heritage of integrity & character that allows us to proudly put our family name on our corporate operations, products, efforts, and service.

Curranseal is committed to providing meaningful customer service, with cost efficient, proactive resolve. 
Our unique product formulation PMC3300 provides permanent performance, and comes with our Full System Curranseal 15 Year Warranty covering all labor & material of all floor covering that fails due to moisture vapor emission and alkalinity.    

Contact us
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Contact Email: mark@curranseal.com